Create the same sizzle with electric



Electric BBQ

Do you live in a residential area that prohibits you from using gas? How would you like to BBQ to your heart’s content and not miss out on entertaining outdoors? With our range of premium electric barbeques, you needn’t miss out. Cooking with Electric BBQs also lowers your environmental impact – it’s the greener and safer option. This is because they don’t use non-renewable fossil fuels as their energy source, don’t omit carbon dioxide fumes, or have any risks associated with flames.

Complete Outdoor Kitchens is now offering stainless steel, marine grade electric barbeque solutions for your outdoor entertaining area. We can guarantee that the taste and sizzle will be exactly the same as a gas BBQ, with no compromises. We have partnered with Southern StainlessArtisans in Metal who are specialists in creating marine grade stainless steel electric barbeques. 

Southern Stainless BBQs

Southern Stainless have been designing and handcrafting high quality marine grade stainless steel BBQ’s and accessories for over 25 years. They are proudly Australian made and owned and offer a vast range of electric barbecues that can be integrated or mounted. 

Southern Stainless specialise in building Cookout BBQs for balconies, outdoor entertaining and enclosed areas. If you enjoy BBQ cooking and don’t want to sacrifice the sizzle, Southern Stainless have electric barbeque models (portable, integrated, and grill styles) to help you make the most out of your space. 

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Electric BBQ